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What is FitQuest All About?

Students in the FitQuest program participate in grade-standard-based experiential learning opportunities that promote the importance of nutrition, mental wellness, and physical fitness. The program includes educational assemblies at the student’s schools and expanded curriculum during their week-long stay at Shady Creek.

The intent is to raise awareness and encourage program participants to:

  • Be mindful of food choices
  • Be responsible for what they can control
  • Choose to be physically active
  • Understand that their choices today affect their health tomorrow
  • Adopt healthy ways of dealing with stress
  • Nurture their mental health
  • The Family Camp program, sponsored by Sutter Health, is an action-packed family weekend.

The goal is to bring the family unit together and educate them on the benefits of:

  • Choosing healthy meals and snacks as a family
  • Prioritizing family fun and fitness (through physical activity)
  • Encouraging self-confidence and positive body image
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Activity

Family Camp! A fun-filled weekend for the whole family—

  • Cooking classes
  • Garden class
  • Engaging in the Low Ropes Course Challenge
  • Attending specialist lead workshops on Nutrition, Mental
  • Wellness, and Physical Activity
  • Naturalist lead hikes and games
  • Pool
  • Evening Programs and Family Movie Night
  • Take-home materials that allow families to integrate the lessons they learned through FitQuest into their home lives